My Little Sapling

The Month of May, Sapling has been Busy!

Its been a busy month for me and the Sapling!  Sapling:

– Went down to visit her grandma for a weekend
– Has been to her first kiddy party
– Had her 4 month vaccinations
– Had her first cold and fever
– Is off to a wedding!

Yes May has been busy! 

Weekend #1 – Our First Trip Away

We had our first weekend away with the Sapling where we went to visit her Grandma and Great-Grandma in Lismore.  This was a good test run for us before going to a wedding at the end of May. Overall it went really really well – the little thing slept like a champ and only had one wake up in the night even though she was sleeping in the port-a-cot for the first time. I think her Grandma really appreciated having complete access to cuddles for 2 whole days too!

Weekend #2 – First Birthday Party

A friend of mine invited us to attend her daughter’s 3rd birthday. Sapling was very sweet at the party even if she wasn’t really old enough to play with the other kids, she still enjoyed her outing to the park.  While we were there my partner snapped some great pictures of us together – I absolutely love this one even if I look exhausted (a by product of motherhood I’m sure)!

The Cheeky Sapling and Mum

Weekend #3 – Vaccinations, Colds & Fevers

The poor thing also had her 4 monthly vaccinations last Friday.  I am seriously such a wuss about it that I make my partner come along with me.  Sapling was in full cute mode at the doctors office and had all the patients and the doctor raving about how adorable she was.  Of course this changed after she actually had the injections then the screaming began.  Thankfully she got over it pretty quickly and was happy enough for us to go shopping afterwards so I could find a wedding outfit for next weekend.

The day after her vaccinations and shopping expedition, my poor baby woke up with a fever.  I was expecting this as she had a mild fever after her 2 month vaccinations but I quickly became alarmed when she started moaning during her morning feed.  I took her temperature and it was 38.6!  This was not a low grade fever but a definite “we need to be worried” fever! I had gotten sick the day before and had a sore throat and cold so I guess I passed this onto her.  Sure enough she was sneezing sporadically throughout the morning and baby panadol only reduced her temp to 37.9, so we decided to take her back to the doctor to be safe.  The doctor checked to make sure there was nothing serious, no infections or anything before telling us to wait it out and that it was probably just a reaction albeit, a large one, to the injections yesterday, and to just nurse her as often as she wanted to make sure she stayed hydrated.

That night was pretty miserable for both of us.  Her nose got all congested about 5pm and stayed that way for the next 36 hours.  She was tired but putting her down to sleep made her cry and fuss so eventually I set her up in bed with me for a night of napping and nursing.  I only got about 2 hours sleep in total but thankfully the next morning her temperature was down to 37.2 still a bit above normal but showing she was definitely on the mend.  Her dad looked after her and lavished her with attention for the better part of the day while I tried to catch up with sleep and get over my own cold.

Thankfully today the little monkey appears pretty much right as rain – slept a bit more than normal but happy, talkative and smiling again!

Cheeky Monkey

Weekend #4 – The Upcoming Wedding

So I planned Saplings outfit about a month ago. She’s going in Pumpkin Patch – I bought the entire “look” during an online special and this is what she will be wearing:

Sapling's Wedding Outfit

My outfit was unfortunately not quite so easy. Its quite hard to find something to wear for a winter outdoor wedding that is suitable for breastfeeding! I’ve ended up going for a silvery grey blouse that has hidden buttons down the front that I can undo for discreet nursing, plus black slimline pants and a black/silver/white throw. I thought the throw would not only keep me warm but be good cover while nursing as well! Overall the whole look is a bit darker then I would have liked but unfortunately that’s whats in-store this season so hopefully the end result looks glam and not dreary!

Wedding Top


Hopefully I’ll get a good picture of the 2 of us all dressed up at the event and can show you the finished outfit!


  1. Angelya says:

    Great choice for the wedding outfit, but I guess make sure you chuck in a coat as well in case it’s cool up there. I’m glad to hear sapling is feeling better!

    | Reply Posted May 23, 2011, 9:10 pm
    • Lathere says:

      I’m so silly – I just realised the wedding is at 12:00pm and the reception straight after so its not even in the evening argh!!! Oh well I’m still wearing the same outfit and yes I have a black jacket i’m pairing with it too!

      | Reply Posted May 26, 2011, 11:09 pm

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