My Little Sapling

Sapling’s Nursery

One of my favourite things while pregnant was getting ready for the little Saplings arrival.  Decorating the nursery and having free reign to shop for things was my idea of good fun!  I decided to go with a neutral themed nursery even though we knew we were having a baby girl.  This was mainly because I wanted to buy all the nursery items brand new and this way we could use the decorations again for any future babies.

The Blank Canvas

Our spare room is my favourite room in our apartment.  It is large and airy with 2 big windows to let in light.  It has a build in cupboard with mirror doors which makes the room feel even more spacious and 2 doors – one into the room from the hallway and another door directly into the main bathroom.  The room has pinky apricot coloured walls which I decided not to paint in the end and a soft neutral beige carpet.

I originally wanted to paint the walls a creamy white colour but changed my mind for a couple of reasons.  We bought this unit with the long term goal of it being an investment property and moving into a larger house will definitely happen before we have a 2nd child.  I didn’t want to paint one room without repainting the entire apartment to keep it uniform like a good rental is.  I also decided that the current colour actually looked really good against the furniture I chose.

The Furniture

When I first pictured my nursery I envisioned white furniture.  I decided pretty quickly against that mainly because our main bedroom has completely white furniture and I also have white leather couches and dining room chairs.  I wanted the nursery to be different to what we already had – something individual for our baby girl.

The nursery room shape is quite odd with this small space indented between the built in cupboard and wall on one side.  It wasn’t enough room to fit a cot and a change table wouldn’t have let me stand in to actually change a baby at the end of it.  We had an old chocolate brown couch that was a 3 seater with a chaise attachment which didn’t work in our new living room.  We hadn’t given it away or thrown it out because it was still in good condition and we were hoping to get use out of it again one day.  We discovered much to our delight that the chaise attachment to the couch fit perfectly in this odd little space.  I not only had a comfy feeding chair, but a tiny bed that I could sleep in if the nights ever got really rough.

The chocolate brown suede and dusty pink silk cushions matched the walls perfectly, I was glad I decided against repainting.

We decided we wanted the cot and change table to have a modern country feel that was warm and classic.  In the end after looking at quite a few baby stores we went with Boori furniture made out of QLD Araucaria timber. This way we also got to support a local business!

Boori Classic Country Cot in English Oak

The last item in our nursery was not actually that nursery related.  My bookshelves!  Unfortuntely I have way too many books being an avid book reader for as long as I can remember (this is what happens when your father teaches literature at a university!).  I could only fit 1 bookshelf into the room and I currently had enough books to fit on 3.  Culling my book collection was a sad day, though I have had a Kindle for over a year now and have slowly been recreating my library in E-Book form.   I went to IKEA and decided on a Billy Bookcase, so that if I one day move into a larger place and decide to expand my physical library I can build upon what I already own.  To make it look a little neater and keep out dust, I also purchased glass doors for this.

Billy Bookcase System Example in White (I have Brown/Black)

The Theme

After much scouring of the web for pictures of nurseries, I decided on a Zoo theme.  This was the picture I eventually found that sold me on my theme choice:

Warm, Fun & Adventurous - The Zoofari Nursery by Lambs & Ivy

The picture was from Lambs & Ivy which I believe is a fairly large nursery supplier in the USA but unfortunately pretty hard to find (and incredibly expensive!) in Australia.  I looked at some other brands and eventually decided to order in some of the pieces that I liked from the US seeing the Australian dollar was so strong.  Even with ludicrous postage costs, the overall price was considerably less than purchasing it directly from a baby store in Australia.

From the Zoofari Lambs & Ivy theme  I purchased:

Musical Mobile
Plush Blanket
Clothes Pegs
Growth Chart
2 x Baskets with Liners
Plush Giraffe
Plush Elephant
Plush Monkey
Manchester Set

While waiting for the decorations and manchester to arrive I found some great wall hangings and stickers that matched the Zoofari set and also purchased a neutral lamp that turned on and off by foot pedal I figured that would be much more practical than a fiddly hand lamp if I was carrying a baby.

Putting It All Together

I’m terrible at taking photos and hopeless and getting the lighting right but here are some pictures of the completed nursery from different angles.

Nursery view of the cot, couch, lamp and windows

Cot and change table area

Last nursery view of wall art and part of the bookshelf

Overall I have been really happy with the nursery.  Its practical, comfortable and safe for my little girl.  The last item which completes it and isn’t shown in the pictures is my Twilight Turtle night light.  When I feed her at night time its to a ceiling of stars and is so peaceful and beautiful.


  1. Angelya says:

    Adorable! The little zoo touches are so cute! I’m assuming these pics were taken before bub arrived because.. well… our nursery doesn’t look anywhere near as neat xD

    | Reply Posted April 8, 2011, 7:05 pm
    • Lathere says:

      They were taken a few weeks ago but definitely after she arrived home. I hate mess and have a bad habit of tucking things away in cupboards with the plan on finding them a home later…. I’ve got most of the gifts and things organized now but still have clothes that haven’t been washed/used yet that still have to be sorted out!

      | Reply Posted April 8, 2011, 9:11 pm

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