My Little Sapling

Rolling, Rolling & More Rolling

On her tummy after a successful roll!

Just shy of 6 months Sapling finally started to roll!

I actually thought she was going to skip this step altogether because she has never rolled from her tummy to her back and hasn’t seemed the slightest bit interested in doing anything other than stand supported of late.  The other day we were playing a game where I rolled her up in her play mat and then we would straight away unroll it hoping to show her how much fun it could be and it seems to have worked!  Yesterday I left her on her back for a minute and when I came back she was lying on her tummy under her activity mat, and when I flipped her back over she did it again for me to see! Continue reading this entry »

Starting Solids

Over the weekend we started the Sapling on solids.  While I had originally planned on waiting an extra 2 weeks for her to hit the 6 month mark, she has been so fascinated with food and watching me eat of late that I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try some baby rice cereal a couple of weeks early.  I mixed it up with a generous dose of breast milk and we gave it a whirl.  She loved it.  In fact on the 2nd day she was demanding more and is trying her hardest to hold the spoon herself while feeding too. Continue reading this entry »

Oh So Chilly!

Its been so chilly in Brisbane the last week, that beanies have become the latest fashion accessory for Sapling! Continue reading this entry »

The Month of May, Sapling has been Busy!

Its been a busy month for me and the Sapling!  Sapling:

– Went down to visit her grandma for a weekend
– Has been to her first kiddy party
– Had her 4 month vaccinations
– Had her first cold and fever
– Is off to a wedding!

Yes May has been busy!  Continue reading this entry »

Sapling’s Library & The Importance of Reading

Reading is a passion of mine.  I have read my entire life and still gobble up books like there is no tomorrow which probably isn’t that surprising considering my father teaches English at the University of QLD. The importance of books and reading were instilled in me from birth and reading is as natural as eating or breathing, I am constantly amazed with how many people I know who rarely read a novel.

This love of reading is something I hope to pass onto my children as 2 very clear and positive things have come out of research surrounding children and books: Continue reading this entry »

Super Short Squee Post

Today was really chilly and meant breaking out a jumper for the first time.  In the spirit of Easter which is only a few days away I decided on the Peter Rabbit fleece with bunny ears.

Still a tad bit big, but seriously can you get any cuter?! Continue reading this entry »

Sleeping Through the Night

Twilight Turtle Nightlight - Surely the coolest nightlight around!

I feel incredibly lucky.  Sapling is 14 weeks old for the last 2 nights has managed to sleep just over 10 hours in a stretch. According to other mums, apparently 3 nights in a row means your set and your baby is officially “sleeping through the night”. While my boobs haven’t quite got the message and I’m still waking up in the early morning with major engorgement and leaking this will correct itself over the next few days and my night time wakings will become an exception instead of the norm. Most of me is very happy though a tiny part will miss that dead of the night peace where its just her and me cuddling and feeding under the stars of her nightlight. Continue reading this entry »

Sapling’s Nursery

One of my favourite things while pregnant was getting ready for the little Saplings arrival.  Decorating the nursery and having free reign to shop for things was my idea of good fun!  I decided to go with a neutral themed nursery even though we knew we were having a baby girl.  This was mainly because I wanted to buy all the nursery items brand new and this way we could use the decorations again for any future babies. Continue reading this entry »

A Sapling is Born: Birth Story

Sapling the morning after her arrival into the world!

This is the story of how my little baby girl was born.  I’ve tried to keep it as icky free as possible, though like labor it’s hard for it not to be just a little bit messy, you’ve been forewarned!

I had been very sick with the flu since boxing day and on Sunday 2nd January I finally started to feel a little better.  That night I felt well enough to sit at my computer for awhile when I started getting Braxton Hicks contractions.  They weren’t painful but I noticed that they were a bit different than normal moving through my back and thighs not just my stomach.  It was a good 2 weeks before my due date and a little voice in the back of my head wondered if this was the start of labor and whether I was going to wake up in a few hours time with strong contractions ready to go into hospital.

Continue reading this entry »

Breastfeeding: Loving Hating It

I never worried about breastfeeding prior to the Sapling’s arrival.  I had been warned by friends that it could be difficult and that there would be times formula looked like a much simpler solution. Whenever these discussions came about I would simply smile, nod and file the advice in my mental trashcan – I was determined to stay positive and enjoy the experience. When Sapling was born within an hour of her delivery she was latching and sucking like a seasoned professional, I was lucky – half the breastfeeding battle was already won the two of us simply needed to get use to positioning – both hers and mine.

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